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Spotlight on IMPS executive producer, Annivar Salgado
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Illinois Teachers Say:

“Wonderful presentation on the ways
we can create learning opportunities
for all students”

“I love opportunities to receive
information on resources that are
practical. I can actually use what
I was given.”

“The best thing is that it’s a video and
can be done at my convenience”

All proceeds support the programs of
UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago.

Children with Disabilities Inspirational Assistive Technology

Infinitec Media Production Services initial charter was to produce training and inspirational videos for UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago. These videos have been used for training in school districts throughout Illinois. For the first time, we are offering them for sale to the general market.

In addition, IMPS can now be hired to provide all phases of production for your business. From thirty-second public service announcements to one hour special educational videos, from integrated PowerPoint presentations to multimedia meeting coordination, IMPS can fully customize any audio/video requirements to fit your production needs. To learn more, click on the Services link above.

All proceeds from Infinitec Media Production Service benefit the programs and services of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago.

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