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Response to Intervention (RTI), an important educational strategy for student success, is being implemented in school districts across the country. RTI implementation is a complex process with vast implications for all involved. RTI: From Concept to Reality is a DVD containing a series of eight modules that depict many of the critical components of a successful RTI implementation. Through this documentary-style production, Indian Prairie School District 204, a large district with a diverse student body, located in the western suburbs of Chicago shares their story along with some of the stratagies, techniques and tools that have made them successful.

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Playing Length: 57 min.
Formats: DVD
Price: $50.00 + $5.00 shipping

NOTE: The $5 shipping cost is for US Post Office delivery only, if you need your DVD sooner please contact Annivar Salgado or Debra Eubanks at 708-444-8460 to arrange a faster delivery method.

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The eight modules on the DVD present the essentials of a successful implementation to audiences with varying levels of knowledge. Total running time of the video modules is approximately 60 Minutes. The module topics include:

1. System Level Change 5. Grade Level Teams
2. Instruction and Intervention 6. Individual Problem-Solving and Eligibility
3. Data Systems 7. I Math: An Example of an Intervention for Middle School
4. An “Every Ed” Initiative 8. RTI in a Secondary Setting

Each of the modules is between 7 and 10 minutes in length, making this video a perfect tool for training, group presentations and other settings where the video may be interspersed with discussion, activities or other group interaction.

This Video is perfect for:

  Professional development or In-service trainings
  Learning from the innovative approach of other districts
  Improving your teams understanding of RTI implementation essentials
  Supporting your districts own RTI implementation process
  Orienting new staff to the concepts of RTI
  Educating school board members, parents and the community about RTI

Through this video you will:

  • learn how the successful implementation of RTI requires change throughout a school system; involving fundamental considerations at the board, district, building and classroom levels and how an Implementation Framework can provide an important roadmap for all involved.
  • learn how a three-tiered model of instructional support and identifying scientifically-based interventions are essential.
  • learn how tools such as the Instructional Planning Form and Intervention Integrity Checklist support the process of connecting instruction and interventions.
  • learn the critical importance of good and regularly collected data as a fundamental prerequisite for RTI including universal screening and curriculum based measures. Also learn about the importance and methods of sharing data with the entire educational staff AND parents.
  • learn how grade level teams support the process and how roles and responsibilities change as every educator gets involved in data collection and providing interventions across the three tiers.
  • learn how professional development is critical as staff gears-up to make the process sustainable.
  • learn how the RTI process relates to and supports special education eligibility.
  • learn about the challenges of “scaling up” the implementation to support RTI in the high school setting.

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